18″ Maduro Cigar Leather Flogger

  • Experience Level:  Novice to Master
  • Falls:  Soft
  • Weight:  Light
  • Sensation:  Light sting
  • Application:  Full body

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Hanging Strap

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Whether you are a beginner or a veteran this flogger has a place in your tool chest.  The 18″ Shades of Grey Flogger is designed with purpose.  It is one of our most forgiving floggers and will help ensure a pleasurable experience for both the top and the bottom.


  • Color:  Maduro – Dark Brown – reddish undertones
  • (60) 18” (L) x 1/4” (W)
  • Cow Leather (5-6 oz) (soft & thick)
  • Cinched – to help control any unruly flyaway falls.


  • 8” weighted handle (Balanced Flogger)
  • Under-wrap: Elk (5-6oz)
  • Outer-wrap:  Black Cow Leather
  • Hand Stitching:  Tan thread
  • Turks Head knots – Neck and Butt – Black Leather Lace

Balanced Flogger

Balanced floggers have weighted handles to counterbalance the weight of the leather falls. A balanced flogger will be easier to throw, more accurate, and less physically demanding on the top.  A balanced flogger feels like an extension of the top’s arm rather than swinging an instrument or device.

Hanging Strap 

We want to help you take great care of your new Fox & Hare Flogger.

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2.7 in

Hanging Strap

Weight .3 lbs


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