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Fox and Hare
Fox and hare


Welcome to Fox and Hare.  A place of fine quality and exquisite character.

The Fox and Hare online retail store was founded as a single portal to distribute merchandise across several related brands that were created by Mr. Fox and little kaninchen. 

As these brands organically developed over time, many couples had developed a genuine interest and desire to display our brands when they were in public. 

Our brands are currently recognized for attributes such as Honesty, Respect, Trust and Love.  These attributes are appreciated and emulated by our site’s married couples.   The consistency we keep in our sites messages we have continued that in our products. Our online store and our products are another extension of who we are and who we all of you strive to be. our best.

Our buyers not only research the latest trends, they also create the latest trends.  They utilize their exquisite tastes along with listening to our site’s thousand’s of couples desires and then blend them with love and intimacy to create some of the most amazing ideas for products.

These products are meticulously sourced for value and quality.  We pride ourselves on not settling and going to extra mile on every detail in order to be sure that we are offering the best products that we can.

At Fox & Hare we take great pride in everything that we do.

We invite you to take a look around while you are here.  We are confident that you will be impressed with what you find.