The Fox & Hare Flogger

  • Experience Level:  Novice to Master
  • Falls:
    • Rabbit: Soft
    • Leather: Soft slight sting
  • Weight:  Light
  • Sensation:  Soft with a little stingy edge when needed
  • Application:  Full body


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Hanging Strap

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My New Favorite Toy!

During a recent video chat regarding impact tools on husDOM, Dominants were encouraged to bring their favorite impact implements.  Mr. Fox brought a couple of his favorite impact toys including this flogger.  He exclaimed that currently, his new favorite toy was this 16″ rabbit fur and leather flogger.  After showing it to the other Dominants and explaining in detail how he used it and why it was currently his favorite toy many Dominants asked where they could get one.

Well, here it is…

READ Mr. Fox’s personal experience using his RABBIT FUR LEATHER FLOGGER on his lk.


This flogger is constructed of between 12 – 18 falls.  The falls measure 11″ in length and the handle measures 5″.
The fur varies slightly in color and all leather is black.

This particular flogger is very special to us as it incorporates both the softness and versatility of the rabbit and the powerful resilient performance of the leather.  It resembles the Dominant and the submissive.

Our floggers are designed foremost for the sensation that they offer both to the top and the bottom.  The Rabbit Fur and Leather flogger allows for a wide range of sensations. The leather falls, are by design, 4″ longer than the rabbit fur.  This allows the use of just the tips of the leather falls without the rabbit fur falls making contact.  You can alternate between soft and stingy sensations quite easily.

It is often referred to as the ‘titty flogger’ because people have grown to appreciate the delicate softness of the rabbit fur and the ability to use the longer leather falls to administer a more stingy sensation when desirable.  The shorter falls, measure 14.5″, allows you to use it on her breasts with more control and reduced likelihood of an accidental face strike.  The falls are also cinched at the neck of the flogger to help control stray falls during the swing.

This is a signature and original piece crafted to our highest standards.


  • Leather
    • Material: Cow Leather (3 oz)
    • Color:  Chocolate Brown
    • (18) 14 1/2″ (L) x 1/2″ (W)
  • Rabbit
    • Color: Brindle
    • (6) 10 1/2″ (L) x 1″ (W)
  • Cinched – to help control any unruly flyaway falls.


  • 6” weighted handle (Balanced Flogger)
  • Under-wrap: Elk (5-6oz)
  • Outer-wrap:  Black Cow Leather
  • Hand Stitching:  Black thread
  • Turks Head knots – Neck and Butt – Black Leather Lace

Balanced Flogger

Balanced floggers have weighted handles in order to counterbalance the weight of the leather falls. A balanced flogger will be easier to throw, more accurate, and less physically demanding on the top.  A balanced flogger feels like an extension of the tops arm rather than swinging an instrument or device.

Hanging Strap 

We want to help you take great care of your new Fox & Hare Flogger.

Are you planning on hanging your new flogger or considering hanging it in the future?

When you purchase a new flogger we offer 50% off a hanging strap.

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 in


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