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Mr. Fox and L.K. have some very exciting news. As some of you all know, they have spent the last 6+ years growing their D|s-M communities, dreaming of having an online store containing things that would help couples, EXPLORE & CREATE their D|s-M dynamics.  A big part of Married Dominance and submission is about reconnecting your marriage and exploring new ways to rekindle your sex life!

Today, another piece of that dream comes true!  We are ready to launch an online shopping experience for a fast growing community! 

We have come to realize that everyone loves to shop and experience new playful and erotic items as well as wear and discreetly support their dynamic!   Almost everyone has a secret and wants to share it with others. However most of us need to be discreet.  Most of our branded items will carry a significant and meaningful purpose for many of our customers without giving your secret away.

From on trend accessories, fun and naughty t-shirt’s to erotic and sensual adult toys we have created an interactive shopping site for those who enjoy one stop shopping! 

We want to take an opportunity to say thank you in advance for supporting Fox and Hare as well as our submissive and Dominant website communities!

Watch for all our Grand Opening and special discounts. 

Wishing You, Sugar & Spice,     


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